Psychotherapy: My approach

I help people reconnect to themselves and awaken to a more meaningful, satisfying and abundant life.

Over the years was trained in various method in psychotherapy: jungian analysis and dream-work, hypnosis, EFT (tapping), coaching, inner-parts therapy, heart-coherence, to name only a few.

Each person is unique, therefore my approach is centred upon the clients needs.

My work takes into account the 4 levels of our being:

  1. Physical: Taking into account your general health, food, sleep, and suggesting relaxation exercises.
  2. Emotional: Identifying, accepting and working with your emotions.
  3. Mental: Recognising and changing your inner thought patterns and limiting beliefs.
  4. Spiritual: What gives meaning to your life? How do you feel connected to your inner Being? What is your vision for your life?

My 4 step process:

  1. Identifying:  Bringing awareness to your inner patterns is the first step to transformation. Only when we are aware can we transform.
  2. Accepting: We need to fully accept ourselves with loving kindness.
  3. Transforming: Through inner-work, imagination, visualisation, affirmations.
  4. Implementation: Being aware of a situation is not enough, we need to implement our new insights into our lives. The final step of the process is therefore about practical implementation.
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