Jungian analysis

Jungian analysis

Jungian analysis was developed by C. G. Jung. A colleague of Freud, he set up his own school of psychoanalysis based on the importance of the symbolic life, and the collective unconscious. Fir Jung, the aim of human life is “Individuation” i.e to become who one truly is. In this process which can be seen as a psycho-spiritual quest, one needs to take a distance from past conditioning (parents, society,..), integrate our shadow (rejected parts of our psyche), and broaden our personality.

How does it work?

In the process, I will accompany you on your personal journey.

Together we will look at your life (childhood and other stages,..), identify inner-blocks which prevent you from moving forwards, and look at new avenues of development (with the use of non-verbal creative techniques, dreams and visualisations). For more information about Jungian analysis see the IAAP website.

I was trained as a Jungian analyst in Zurich. I am a certified member of the NAAP and IAAP.

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