Psychology and psychotherapy 

Are you dealing with a major transition and unsure on how to move forwards? Have you experienced trauma or loss? Are you feeling stressed-out and in need of a new balance?

I support individuals who want to find out more about themselves in order to lead a more meaningful, satisfying and abundant life.

I am a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist working within the international community in Brussels. I am a member of the Community Help Service  clinical team.

I specialise in grief/loss, major life transitions, cancer patients and trauma.

I have also worked with many years  with a wider range of  emotional and work-related issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. For more information see for whom?

In my work I use a variety of techniques such as EMDR and hypnotherapy . To know more about my approach see Psychotherapy.

Languages: I work in English, French and Flemish/Dutch.

Managing transitions

I specialise in helping people who are going through a major transition, may it be moving to a new country, going through a divorce, or entering mid-life.

Stress and Burnout

Stress is becoming the number one cause of work-related illness. Although moderate levels can be positive and motive us for action, long-term stress can have important  psychological and physical repercussions

Therapy for grief and loss

Have you experienced a recent or less recent loss?  Grief counselling ca help you integrate the painful experience and be able to  move on in life.

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